Prospective Homeowner

Dear prospective homeowner,

We hope you have enjoyed learning more about Waterside.  With wonderful amenities, proximity to downtown historic Crabapple, and walking distance to three award winning public schools, Waterside is a wonderful neighborhood in which to live.  Here are some important points to consider while deciding if Waterside is right for you.

Because it is important to us, we want to make sure you are aware that Waterside is governed by a set of Covenants which specify certain restrictions, processes, and requirements that must be adhered to by all homeowners.  These are not “optional” and by buying a home in Waterside, you will be obligating yourself to these Covenants.  Failure to comply with the covenants carries a penalty which may include monetary fines up to and including placing a lien on your home.  The Covenants are important.  They help us maintain a safe, clean and attractive neighborhood as well as protect our property values.  Please familiarize yourself with them before making a purchase decision.

Annual Homeowner’s Association assessments are $550 and are due every January 15th.  Through excellent fiscal management of HOA funds, we have maintained the lowest annual assessment fee in the area given the number of amenities that we maintain.  As such, it is critical that dues arrive on time from every homeowner.


Leasing a home is permitted in Waterside however you must provide information on the renters and the lease prior to commencing any agreement.  This is for the safety of everyone in the neighborhood. More information can be found using the Covenants Link above.

Waterside is a wonderful neighborhood where almost 300 families are raising their children and taking part in the many activities and amenities we offer.  If you decide to purchase a home in Waterside, we look forward to you joining the neighborhood and hope to meet you soon!

Thank you.

Waterside Homeowners Association
Board of Directors

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