Architecture Information and Approvals

Architectural Review Request

From the list below, select the project you would like to complete.  Please answer all questions and remember to upload or drop off any needed drawings, documentation, etc. to the ARC VP in order to complete your request.

We strive to process these requests in a timely manner (usually 2-4 days), however, the Board has 60 days to respond to your request as documented in the Covenants.

Request exterior paint change approval

Request approval to install a fence (section 6.c.xviii)
Request approval to remove a tree (section 6.c.xvii)

Request approval for all other projects including, but not limited to:

Install Landscape Lighting (section 6.c.xxvi)
Install exterior sculpture, fountains, flags, and similar items. (section 6.c.xxvii)
Install energy conservation equipment. (section 6.c.xxix)
Install hot tub or portable spa. (section 6.c.xxix)
Install garden or play equipment. (section
Install a satellite dish (section 6.c.xvi)


For information on the community standard mailbox, please click HERE.

If you have a community standard mailbox and need service, please contact  Addresses of Distinction at 770-436-6198.

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